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2022 Adams Farm Swim & Tennis Club Survey Results
(112) replies
(102) want club open
(9) want club closed
(64) willing to pay for club membership. Average $508.00
(30) not willing to pay for club membership
(28) willing to serve on Owners-Club Committee
For more information, please contact Dirk Vandeplancke at [email protected]
Please note, the Board of Directors have voted not to purchase the Swim & Tennis Club. The Club is not and never has been part of the HOA.

Residents are creating a group for all those interested in helping Adams Farm Swim & Tennis Club reopen.  There is a committee of homeowners working to try to purchase, renovate and reopen the Swim & Tennis Club.  If you live in Adams Farm, please follow us on social media for updates.  We would also love your input and ideas.

Facebook Group: Adams Farm Swim & Tennis Club

Instagram: @AdamsFarmPool

 Next Door Group: Adams Farm Swim & Tennis


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Please contact us ([email protected]) for any concerns or comments. We love hearing from our Residents!