Alerts and Notices


The new Lagoon Bridge installation will be completed 9/27/21

Bridge at Dam- pressured washed and stained (clear)

Wondering Fox- Captured and transported to safe facility in Statesville

Solar Powered Speed Detector- to be installed week of 9/27/21

'Residents Only' Fishing Signs are installed

'No Trespassing' Signs are installed

Playground Equipment- to be painted by 10/8/21

New Playground Equipment- coming Spring 2022


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NOTICE: The Adams Farm Community Association is not affiliated with the Nextdoor App


The city allows an easement to utility companies and we unfortunately can not mandate the scope of their work.   Any issues affecting your property can be discussed with North State Customer Service Center at:
North State Plex Residential 336-886-3600 or toll free 866-542-5900


Girl Scouts in your area: Please contact Leisa Fink at 336-369-7437 or [email protected]

Make your Neighborhood Safe:

How to choose a Security System

Report Suspicious Activity:  Click Here        Protect your Auto:  Click Here

Safety Tips (when a stranger knocks on your door)   Click Here alt

No dumping, of any kind, in the common areas.

No Loitering after Dusk in the Adams Farm Community- City Police will Ticket

No Solicitation within the Adams Farm Community: Adams Farm has a policy to NOT permit solicitation anywhere on the property. Signs indicating the same are posted at all entrances. 

Please garage all vehicles or park in driveway: PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON STREET

Please leash dogs


Coyote sighted:Please be aware that recently coyote(s) have been spotted in Adams Farm.  This is particularly worrisome due to the number of residents and animals leashed and those that use invisible fencing.  If you see a coyote during the day please call animal control at 336-641-5990. If you see a coyote during the night please contact the police.


ALERT:  Attached is N.C. Wildlife Response to Beavers within Adams Farm Click Here


Residents are encouraged to wrap wire mesh at the base of any tree on their property which might be affected by Beaver activity. The HOA will wire mesh those trees on common area that might be affected as well.