(3) Directors Needed to serve until 2021: Here are your candidates:
Results to be announced at Annual Meeting in May
submissions to office by 3/27/19
Brenda k Edwards: I am applying for a position on the community board for Adams Farm. I have lived at Adams Farm for approximately four years. Also I have served on our homeowners association board in Graham North Carolina . I care about where I live and I do pay attention to the areas around me and have reported events to the office. In addition: 2 years college / accounting Thank you
Norm Welker: Retired Industrial Engineer from Tyco/TE and middle school Technology Teacher.
I've lived in Adams Farm since 1998 in the Chimney Springs neighborhood.  I've served as Architectural Review committee chair for 3 years and also completed the term of a resigned board member.  You may know me if you had a mailbox post replaced. I been building, remove existing, and install new mailbox posts within Adams Farm for the past 10 years.
I'm active as video/overhead projector operator for First Lutheran Church and play pickle ball frequently at the Jamestown YMCA.  At times, I also work as a contract industrial engineer with local manufacturing companies. I feel being involved in the AFCA is important to the overall health of this community. Sincerely, Norm Welker

Robin M Cox: I recently moved to Greensboro from Ohio, with my husband Jason.  In Ohio, I served on the board of Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health.  I was attracted to Adams Farm because of the well-kept maintenance and beautiful atmosphere.  I come with a wealth of knowledge in business management and networking, but I am eager to learn while observing and providing feedback.  I would love to be a part of the board to meet others in the community and drive continued success.  I am excited to and thankful to just be a part of the selection process. 


Stephanie Pope:  I am interested in becoming a member of Adams Farm board. I am a stay at home mom who just moved to the area with a fresh set of eyes and a will to help achieve the best for a community. 
Katie Morton:  I work as a Corporate Paralegal for The Fresh Market. Previously, I worked for a law firm handling disability law. My fiancée and I are so excited about moving into Adams Farm. We are eager to meet our new neighbors and be as involved in our new community as we can be! 
2018-2019 Board of Directors:  
  Brandy Hughes  
Property Manager Harvey Ernest [email protected]
Vice President Kathleen Sullivan  
Treasurer Joe Friscia  
Secretary Charles Williard  
Director  Norm Welker  
Director  Megan Smith  
 President  Judy Vogler Mitchell


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